Kensington Remodel
Berkeley Hills Renovation
1. Why choose Berkeley Craftsmen?

Listening as a first step—At the start of every project, we make sure we know your needs and hopes and try to make these happen. We listen to our clients as they will ultimately be the ones living with our work. You will have your own manager in charge of your project, listening and talking with you all along the way to make sure everything goes well from start to finish.

Quality—We build with the highest standards. Building inspectors find great pleasure in seeing care in workmanship. We sail through most inspections, building well beyond the code requirements. We want our work to last. Our staff often come up with solutions to onsite problems that save money, time and are functionally better than the code minimum.

Timeliness—We want to be ready to finish before we ever start. This means detailed lists that we review with you right at the beginning of your project, including types of fixtures and where you can find affordable quality items for your project. We also present you with a schedule so you can see when your project will be completed and everything in between. This way, you can schedule your life around your project. We strive to get things done efficiently and have a great team of subs and workers that all work together to make sure your project goes smoothly.

2. What types of work does Berkeley Craftsmen do?

We have renovated apartments, built fences, ground up residential, multi-story commercial renovation, many additions, many kitchens, seismic upgrades, and many things in between. Foremost, We do quality work whether working on a kitchen or a whole house. Our ideal projects are remodels, additions, custom homes, and commercial projects requiring skilled management and staff with clients that understand the need for a well run project.

We can help with the design aspect with our design build team. This helps to get you the results that you want. We define your hopes and strive to find solutions that fit your budget. This can save a lot of grief and time, because we are working together and understand what it takes to build it before its even at the drawing stage. We then can get preliminary pricing from our well qualified subcontractors to make certain your project will work.

3. Will Berkeley Craftsmen work with my Architect?

Yes. We are in working relationships with many area architects. We help to qualify the budgets and meet with them and you to help the project go well start to finish.

4. What should I expect during the remodel process?

We want our work to go as smoothly as possible. If you plan on staying in your home or business, we work with you to partition the remodel from the area you are still in. This often means building walls between areas to keep the dust, noise, and traffic out of your domain. You also understand what is going on at any point by reviewing the schedule that we give you right at the start of your project—knowing for instance that the rough plumbing will take place the following week.

5. When should we get started with Berkeley Craftsmen?

We hope and pray that our clients talk to us right at the beginning. There are many dangerous pitfalls involved with getting a General Contractor too late in the process. Our schedule can be a month or more out before we can start your project, your budget may allow for your hopes and needs but not every wish list item may fit.