Who We Are

Michael Butler
Michael has worked in construction since he was a boy, remodeling houses for his father's development company. Early remodels taught him about quality on a tight budget and timeline. During college, he renovated apartments in San Francisco with his brother Mark. After completing a B.A. in Anthropology, he and Mark founded Berkeley Craftsmen General Contractors to continue work that he finds most satisfying and enjoyable. Michael is a Certified Green Point Rater and a Certified Green Building Professional. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family. He has three great kids, Hannah, Madeline, and Aaron.

Mark Butler
Mark has worked with Michael from the start. He strives to maintain positive client relationships while supervising tight construction schedules. Mark received a B.A. in Fine Art from CCA in Oakland. When he is away from the office and the field, Mark enjoys time with his family. He has a wonderful son, Finnegan.


Berkeley Craftsmen began as an ironworks company in the early 1900's. In 1943 Ken Butler bought the business, and throughout the following four decades, he created handrails for numerous buildings in the Bay Area until retiring in 1985.

Ken's grandsons, Mark and Michael Butler carried on the tradition of quality workmanship from the original Berkeley Craftsmen when they began remodeling homes, offices and retail stores in 1995. A partnership formed which combined their unique talents with carpentry and their creative problem solving skills. Their different perspectives led to the natural creation of a thoughtful, professional approach to construction that focuses on a deep respect for each and every client's ideas, a commitment to fine craftsmanship, and equally important, an emphasis to make doing business an enjoyable experience.

Giving Back

As a small, family owned business, we are very grateful for every client who chooses to support Berkeley Craftsmen. We are also thankful for the opportunity to work with a network of talented, hardworking individuals who have contributed to transforming our clients' visions into reality. This is why it is important to us that we incorporate into our business decisions the kind of values that we feel will benefit our community.

In fact, most of our suppliers, artisans, subcontractors and consultants are longtime associates based in the Bay Area. Our administration frequently sources local establishments for daily operational needs. For our employees, we aim to create a diverse work environment that promotes fulfilling, long-term professional growth. We also make annual donations to charities that have a track record for providing more direct funding and assistance.

In both the office and the field, we pay close attention to re-using and recycling supplies and building materials as much as possible by supporting strong recycling markets and by paying attention to ways to reduce of materials to the landfill. We actively eliminate or reduce toxics that create hazards to our workers and our community by increasing the use and availability of environmentally preferable products.

We are proud to announce that we are a certified Bay Area Green Business! We believe that a successful business is dependent on a healthy environment. We are actively working to show our environmental responsibility to our community by committing to the following objectives:

  • To comply with all applicable regulations and strive to exceed compliance
  • To conserve energy, water, materials and other resources
  • To develop and implement practices that prevent pollution and waste
  • To be an environmentally responsible business within our community